Our Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah health tonic (mixed with 8 herbs) are proven to provide the health benefits listed



Depending on an individual’s existing health condition, age and fitness level, each effect or benefit’s duration of effect, time to take effect, and intensity of effect will vary.


In any case, almost all users will feel most effects in 2 weeks, if consume daily 

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The benefits of Tongkat Ali are supported by scientific 


Energize Yourself Daily

Rapid energy boost for daily work, studies and outings.

Rapidly relieves fatigue.

More Libido for More Love

Improve both men and women’s desire for intimacy.

Better endurance & performance.

Power Up Your Workout

Gives extra strength. Promotes muscle growth.

Strengthens back, joints and ligaments.

Fight Anti-Aging Effects and Age Slower

High in anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties to fight effects of aging.

Rejuvenate Your Health

Vitality, blood circulation, anti-cancerous, anti-stress.

Body detox. Lower blood sugar level.

Tongkat Ali

Kacip Fatimah



We are Cresthill Synergies Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Calnaz Sdn Bhd (www.calnaz.com), an established firm since 2002. Cresthill Synergies is a Malaysian manufacturer of premium quality natural herbal products.


Our organisation's long term vision is to continuously produce natural herbal products to improve the health and quality of life of our customers, for example, our health tonic provide more energy to its user to travel for longer durations and visit more places.  


Our core guiding principles in formulating products are:

- no use of sugar, only natural (plant) sweeteners if necessary

- use only 100% natural herbal ingredients, no extracts

- no use of artificial coloring, flavoring and sweetener


Our two main health tonic products currently, Tongkat Ali & Kacip Fatimah are made from only the finest Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah herbs harvested from the tropical rainforests of Malaysia, by indigenous people (Orang Asli). Together with other specially selected herb ingredients, we slow brew the product for hours to fully extract out all the herb's active ingredients


Be rest assured of our high quality products and join us on a journey of health, prosperity and longevity now! Wait no more.

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