Protect Yourself Against Covid-19 virus

(Besides hand washing, social distancing, etc.)


We believe our product, AliGold tonic, is beneficial in preventing (all other precautions must also be taken) or treating Covid-19 virus because:


(A) AliGold tonic has very high dosage of 3 types of Tongkat Ali, American Ginseng and 8 Chinese herbs in it. Tongkat Ali is scientifically proven to significantly strengthen body immunity by increasing the amount of  T cells in our body. (scientific report provided below). High levels of T cells in our body is required to successfully kill off Covid-19 virus (see scientific video below)


(B) Tongkat Ali has very close characteristics as Chloroquine phosphate. This synthetic drug have been effectively used by China, France, India, and USA to treat Covid-19. On 28.3.2020 Malaysia announced it will start this drug for treating Covid-19. The similarities of the 3 are:


(B-1) Tongkat Ali and Chloroquine phosphate have close chemical composition as follows:

  • Eurycomanone (active component of Tongkat Ali): C20H24O9

  • Chloroquine phosphate:  C18H32ClN3O8P2       


(B-2) Tongkat Ali and Chloroquine phosphate are used for treating the same illnesses: malaria, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, stiffness, and joint pain


However, Chloroquine phosphate is a synthetic (chemical) drug and have known serious side effects, including vision loss, heart problems or even death, if used incorrectly. Tongkat Ali is a natural herb which has no side effects. Our product has been classified as food by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Tongkat Ali is Scientifically Proven to Increase T-Cells (human body immunity)

Below is a 2016 study conducted by Meiji Pharmaceutical University, Tokyo, together with other institutions which scientifically proves Tongkat Ali significantly strengthens the body immune system and increase the number of T-cells. In this study, they selected persons with low immune system. 40 middle aged Japanese were given Tongkat Ali (200 mg/day) and another 41 were given rice powder (as placebo) to consume for a 4-week period and the result showed a significant improvement of the immune system of the 40 people who were given Tongkat Ali.

Click on the PDF icon below to download and read it. You may also access the report from its source by clicking here

Screenshot of Conclusion of Above Study (found on page 1 of report)

Our Body's T-Cells Kills COVID-19 Virus

Our T-cells, if have sufficiently high volume, are able to fight and kill off Covid-19 virus as explained scientifically in this video below. Jump to the 27th minute for this part. Therefore, it is important to increase our body's T-cells to fight off Covid-19 virus. You can do this by taking our AliGold


Click here to view this video on Youtube 

Purchase AliGold to Boost Your Immunity Now!

Our AliGold product contains 3 types of Tongkat Ali, American Ginseng and 8 Traditional Chinese herbs. It is a powerful combo tonic. It is classified as food by Malaysia Ministry of Health, so you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy. Our product is backed up by 2 quality and safety certifications: HACCP (issued by SGS International) and MESTI (issued by Malaysia Ministry of Health).


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