Herbal Goodness in Our Product

Raw herbs in our end product were carefully and specifically selected for the various benefits each herb is able provide to our bodies. Here are the 9 key herb ingredients that can be found in our Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah health tonics. For Kacip Fatimah health tonic, Kacip Fatimah herb is used instead of Tongkat Ali, while the other 8 herbs used are the same.

Herbal Ingredients in Our Tongkat Ali Health Tonic

Tongkat Ali (click for details)
Kacip Fatimah (click for details)
Goji (click for details)
Tribulus Terrestris (click for details)
Eucommia Ulmoides (click for details)
Cynomorium Songaricum (click for details)
Horny Goat Weed (click for details)
Gingko Biloba (click for details)
Radix Dispaci (click for details)
Morinda Officinalis (click for details)

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