Introduction for Cresthill Synergies Tongkat Ali Tonic


There are 3 sections, as follow

Please MAKE SURE you read Drink Suggestions & Best Time to Drink sections.

It is optional whether you want to read FAQs or not, but it would be very helpful to understand why your body reacts in certain ways.

Section A: Drink Suggestions


How to drink - it's important!   Please drink according to these rules to derive the full benefits

  1. Either drink un-diluted in one swift drink, follow IMMEDIATELY by 2 glasses of warm water OR mix with 1 to 2 glasses of warm water and drink slowly (15 to 20 minutes). If you drink too fast you MAY get uncomfortable (slight pressure on the head) because the blood circulation is too fast.

  2. After finished drinking, continue drinking plenty of water. This will help alleviate heatiness.

  3. If you want libido improvement, after drinking, do not drink alcohol or cooling things such as herbal tea green tea, green beans, white radish and cold water.

  4. Alcohol or tea can negate effect of this tonic, so after drinking the tonic, wait for 3 to 4 hours until it is fully absorbed.

  5. ALWAYS remember, drink this tonic 2 hours before or after meals. Depending on the food you eat, it may neutralise the benefits.

  6. At the start, drink one sachet daily for 3 to 4 weeks to reach your goal. You don't need to drink every day after you reach your goal. Just need to drink 5 consecutive days a week and stop for 2 consecutive days

  7. However, if you want faster effect, you may take 2 sachets a day, 2 hours apart. VERY IMPORTANT to drink plenty of water. Do this for the first 5 days.

  8. If you have kidney deficiency, you will feel sleepy after drinking this tonic. Tonic is conditioning your kidneys to force you to rest. Continue drinking for four or five days, have a good rest. After this period, you will no longer feel sleepy and become more energetic than ever before. (these type of people may have kidney deficiencies: long periods of insufficient sleep/rest, stressful life, poor nutrition diet, late hours, too much alcohol drinking, too much sex without taking high nutritious food/rest to recover)

  9. A small minority of people will find it hard to fall asleep after drinking at night time due to not able to adapt to too much energy. Such people need to drink in the morning for a few weeks before adapting. Then you can drink in late afternoon or at night and it will help you sleep better than before.

  10. Others

    • Time it takes to feel the effects of this drink will depend on each person’s age, weight, existing physical and health condition.​

    • You may need more time than others, but most people will get results within 2 weeks of   continuous daily drinking (strengthening muscles, waist / back / legs, sexual desire, etc.).

    • If you weigh 80 to 90 kg and above, you may need 2 sachets / day

    • Most people can get the following effects on the day of drinking. But you may need 4 to 5 days. The effects are: energy boost, eliminate fatigue after meals, clear mind, improve concentration, bright eyesight, promote blood circulation, improve sleep quality, detox, relieve constipation, help digestion, relieve gastric, lower blood sugar and blood pressure

    • Consume ONLY when already feeling tired or when need arises. You will notice in a short time (15 to 30 minutes) that you have stopped yawning or yawn much less.

    • Drink 2-3 hours before physical exercise / romantic activities.

Section B: Best Time To Drink


No best time to drink, drink at different times for different goals. Below shows the time duration you need to drink before you feel the effects (“the optimal stage”), but after you have reach the “the optimal stage” and drink regularly, you will feel the SAME benefits within the same day.

Section C: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Do you take AliGold yourself?

    I am James Yip, the founder and the major shareholder of Cresthill Synergies Sdn. Bhd.Yes, I have taken AliGold regularly for 10 years already. I am 64 years old (born in 1956) and look like 45 years old. I exercise and practice martial arts every night for 1.5 hours.  At my age, I still do 35 non-stop push ups every morning. Without my AliGold, I would not have this energy to exercise like this.Thanks God, I have so far not suffered from any major illness. I used to have lower back problems since my 20s for many years but have been totally cured. I wore short sighted and astigmatism glasses since 21, but now don’t need any glasses at all, including for reading and driving at night.My testosterone is more than 800 ng/Dl, which is higher than the mean level of a 25-year-old man. Sufficient Testosterone is very important in anti-ageing, and maintaining an active and healthy life style.Prevention is better than cure. It is easier to slow down aging than to reverse aging. Better to spend your money on health supplements than on hospital bills to repair your health.


  2. Is your tonic same as Viagra or Cialis?

    Our tonic is NOT Viagra or Cialis. Someone who has never used our product before must NOT expect a libido effect within a few hours after drinking.Our product works by treating your body first and after a curing period, the libido effect will be felt. For people with no serious health problems, the curing period is 1 week to 2 weeks but may be 1 month depending on the health of the individual. But after this curing period, if you continue to take regularly, the libido effect is felt daily and continuously. Viagra does not cure the roots of your problem. It gives you the instant and temporary libido effect only. Your health is still not addressed.

    Our product does not contain those chemicals (tadalafil, sildenafil) that Viagra or Cialis uses to treat ED. They require doctor’s recommendation and prescription before can be taken as they have many serious side effects.Our product does not give you unfavourable side effects at all. On the contrary, in additional to improving your libido over time, it gives you so many other health benefits like increased energy level/power, lower blood pressure/blood sugar level/cholesterol/uric acid, and lots more.


  3. Difference between our tonic and other Tongkat Ali products in the market.

    Our tonic is more holistic and has a much broader range of benefits because there are 12 types of herbs in our tonic. 3 different types of Tongkat Ali (yellow, red, black), ginseng, and 8 specially selected Chinese herbs which are beneficial to your body in many different ways. The combined herbs, after cooking for 12 hours, makes a very powerful tonic


  4. Why is your tonic in liquid form?

    Most processed TA products are in capsule form or pill form. We use Liquid form because this is the fastest way to be quickly and effectively absorbed by the body, leaving no debris behind in our body system. The body response time is faster because it doesn’t need to dissolved unlike pills, capsules.
    You need to be very careful to ensure the powder, capsule or pill that you buy are actually made from extract powder, and not root powder. Root powder if drank inside the body is harmful as the TA roots are so hard that it cannot be dissolved or digested and may get stuck in the body organs.
    Always buy from a company with HACCP certification recognised by the Ministry of Health. They are only 5 certification bodies recognised by MOH. The rest are not recognised by MOH. Our HACCP is issued by SGS which is recognised by MOH.


  5. Can I just take the root powder or pour hot/boiling water over Tongkat Ali root slices and drink as herbal tea? Or tea bags?

    Tongkat Ali if not properly processed may be harmful to your body. It may contain heavy metals, bacteria and fungus. Long period of heavy metal consumption will spoil your organs (example liver, kidney) and also lead to slow poisoning of your body. Your Tongkat Ali may also come from the truck (which is useless) rather than the roots of Tongkat Ali.
    There are processes to take care of all these issues. Our company have analysed and addressed all these issues under HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) certification.
    Our AliGold contains 12 herbs (3 types of Tongkat Ali, Ginseng, and 8 Chinese herbs) and is very different from the single Tongkat Ali drink that you get from a Tongkat Ali teabag drink, or by adding hot water to a few slices of Tongkat Ali slices. In addition, the fungus and bacteria in the Tongkat Ali inside the teabag/raw slices cannot be killed this way. We properly cleansed and cooked our herbs for more than 10 hours. Even the heat resistant fungus and bacteria will be killed under such process.


  6. AliGold gives energy same way as Coffee?

    Caffeine increase the blood pressure and heart rate.
    Additionally, if you are already tired, then that cup of coffee is likely to give you Caffeine Crash. Although you will immediately feel awake after drinking coffee, after 1 to 2 hours, you will feel even more tired than before drinking. Then you need more cups of coffee. Otherwise you will get a Caffeine Crash are: Extreme tiredness, Inability to concentrate, Irritability, Dozing off.
    Our product gives actual energy for between 10 to 12 hours. Whilst the coffee caffeine blocks signal from reaching your brain that you are tired for 1 to 2 hours Only

  7. Is your product same as some “energy drinks”

    Some energy drinks contain caffeine and lots of sugar. So you will likely get both the Caffeine and Sugar crash at the same time.
    These drinks may give you energy at the beginning but it is coming from the initial sugar rush and the caffeine effect. After a few hours, you should feel even more tired than before.
    Besides the combined effect of Caffeine and sugar are bad for health. Whilst AliGold does not contain both of these.


  8. Can I stop drinking after my health has improved? After stopping drinking the tonic, will I lose those benefits?

    Just like doing exercise, you built up your strength and stamina through few months of training. But if you stopped exercise, your health and physical condition will drop again.
    To maintain your new improved condition, you need to drink on a maintenance dosage, which is to drink consecutively for 4 or 5 days, stop for 3 or 2 days consecutively. No need to drink every day. This is the same as taking vitamins, which needs to be taken daily.


  9. Should I drink AliGold every day?

    There are 2 phases.
    In the first (curing) phase, you need to drink every day until you reach your goal. For example, if your goal is to relieve your lower back pain, then drink it until the pain goes off. It may take between 2 to 4 weeks.
    In the second (maintenance) phase, you should drink it CONSECUTIVELY for 5 days, then stop CONSECUTIVELY for 2 days.
    It is best to keep at maintenance phase without stopping


  10. Why one of your SKU has 25 sachets only?

    See above.
    In the maintenance phase, you should drink it CONSECUTIVELY for 5 days, then stop CONSECUTIVELY for 2 days. So in a week, you need to drink 22 to 23 sachets only


  11. When is the best time to drink?

    There is no best time to drink, depends on your goals. Refer guidelines above


  12. Why do I feel a slight headache or pressure after drinking your tonic?

    A small minority of people after taking, feel a minor headache or pressure on the head. Don’t worry, this effect will go off after a short while on the same day.
    If your body & some its organs have blockages, your blood circulation has been poor all this while. After drinking this tonic, the blood circulation immediately improved, and there is more blood flowing to your head compared to before. Because you are not used to this improved blood circulation, so you feel the pressure in the head.
    Such people should drink regularly to resolve this issue.


  13. Why after drinking in the morning or afternoon, I cannot sleep at night?

    Your body needs to get used to too much energy. If this happens after drinking in the afternoon, change to drinking in the morning. If this still happen despite drinking in the morning, reduce the dosage to half sachet.
    After doing this for a period of 2 to 3 weeks, this issue will be resolved, and you can revert to drinking in the 1 sachet in the afternoon.


  14. Why after drinking, I feel sleepy instead of more energy?

    This is due to kidney deficiency (KD). KD can be due to different causes, example insufficient sleep or rest over a period of time, too many late nights, too much alcohol drinking, too much work or life style stress, too much sex without taking supplements to recover, bad diets, etc.
    In such a case, you must continue drinking every day to let the tonic rejuvenate your kidney. Normally after 4 to 5 days, you will have slept and rested very well. From then on, you will not feel sleepy after drinking, and will be more energetic than before you started using this tonic.


  15. Why I don’t feel any benefits with AliGold?

    You need to be patient. Because your body has very poor absorbing efficiency or poor health or kidney deficiency. This can come from many reasons. Some causes are effects from long period of alcohol abuse, smoking, very poor diet over the years (too much fatty, oily, salty, sugary, spicy foods), lack of exercise.
    AliGold first need to cure your body over a period of time. At the same time, it’s best to significantly reduce alcohol, change your diet, stop smoking, and drink more water to flush out the toxins. Exercise will also help the curing process.


  16. Any benefit to manhood size and length?

    Some customers have testified that their manhood girth becomes bigger on the same day, after taking our tonic. Some, but lesser, also said the length has slightly increase. This increase is only temporary but if you drink every day, this increase may be there every day.
    This is not surprising as the herbs open up the veins and arteries in the body, are blood thinner, improve blood circulation, and on a long term basis, cleanse your body of plague and rubbish.


  17. Can AliGold help impregnate woman?

    Yes. You will notice the man’s sperm volume is much more after drinking our tonic for 3 days. There is also a study that reported the sperm motility rate and sperm quality increase significantly after taking Tongkat Ali. All these 3 effects can help in fathering a child, especially a son.


  18. Why your TA tonic has so many different benefits?

    Because we use 12 different herbs. Each herb on its own has good benefits but when combined together at the right ratio, creates a powerful combo.


  19. Is this tonic a medicine?

    It is food/health supplement but also has remedial effects to many ailments. The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia has classified our AliGold as “food”.
    The Orang Asli of Malaysia has been using Tongkat Ali to cure so many different ailments due to the lack of access to modern medicine. They also use them as health tonic, for energy, for libido, for Malaria, fever, after birth channel shrinkage, and so many more.


  20. Can take with other tonic or medicine same day?

    Yes, you can, but have a gap of 4 hours. Our tonic will already been fully absorbed before 4 hours


  21. Any scientific evidence of TA helping libido and other benefits?

    Yes, there are tons of evidenced based scientific studies, including double blind placebo studies, in vitro, in vivo studies. We have summarised them in our website (www.chm.com.my), and provide links to the actual articles published in the medical journals, for your convenience.


  22. Why I seem to be hungrier after taking AliGold? 

    AliGold helps get rid of your stomach gas, helps digest your food. If your body already has too much gas, you will fart more and the fart won’t be smelly. It will help detox your body. All these make you feel hungry as your system becomes very efficient in processing food and waste from your body.
    So it is very suitable to those people (especially older folks) who have poor digestion, stomach gas, poor bowel movements, poor appetite.
    Too much gas in your body is very bad for health.


  23. Why is my tongue pink after drinking your tonic?

    It is due to 3 reasons. The good bacteria in your body has increased, the fungus level has dropped, and your “Qi” is smooth, not blocked.
    A person with blocked “Qi” (similar to poor blood circulation or blocked system) will have purple or darkish colour tongue.


  24. Woman can take TA?

    Absolutely, women derive the same benefits as men when taking Tongkat Ali.


  25. Should healthy persons drink AliGold?

    You should take even when healthy. Don’t wait till your health is poor. Better to spend money on health tonics than on hospital bills.
    Don’t wait till you aged, slow down the aging!

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